Traditional Chinese Medicine

Balance Healthcare is the exclusive UK distributor of FCG Full Composition Granules, a radical new approach to the formulation, production and quality control of concentrated herbal granules, developed through a decade of intensive research by leading Chinese herbal pharmaceutical company Kang Ren Tang. To date, more than 400 different types of materia medica have been converted into FCGs with an effectiveness equivalent to that achieved by traditional methods of cooking herbal decoctions.

Balance Healthcare also stands at the forefront of granule dispensary technology with the introduction into the UK of a fully-automated computer-controlled granule dispensary system functioning for the benefit of all authorised health professionals in a clean and safe environment meeting the highest hygiene standards – from the individual granules stored in sealed containers to your prescriptions supplied in crimp-sealed, easy-to-use sachets. 

This advanced technology system, now widely used in leading Chinese hospitals, enables individual herbal prescriptions to be prepared and dispensed according to specific practitioner requirements with accurate equivalent conversion of the dosage from raw herbs to granules. Practitioners simply prescribe in the classical way with traditional dosages and these quantities are then automatically converted to those producing the equivalent effect in granule form.

The elegant, tailor-made solutions offered by an automated dispensary system are solidly backed up by the benefits of standardised GMP-certified granule production and the application of extensive and rigorous quality control measures (including infrared fingerprint spectrum techniques) from raw material sourcing through to the finished product. 

Take a sneak preview at our computerised dispensing system. The only one in Europe!

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