About us

Balance Healthcare Limited brings together the best names in natural medicine to deliver a total suite of healthcare products supported by scientific and traditional evidence.

With a history that spans more than 40 years of serving healthcare professionals throughout Europe our products are part of everyday life for millions of people around the world who are seeking natural ways to maintain long, healthy lives.


Balance Healthcare Limited proudly owns some of the most reputable and innovative natural healthcare brands and partners with other industry leaders, to allow healthcare professional access to the widest selection of leading practitioner-only brands.

Driven by our vision to inspire people to live better lives through natural healthcare, we are committed to ensuring the superiority and efficacy of all products offered under the Balance Healthcare Limited umbrella and proud to provide practitioners with streamlined access to superior natural healthcare brands. 


On-time delivery, to highest standard

Our network of manufacturing facilities operate to the strictest regulatory codes of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), while our Distribution team works tirelessly to ensure all healthcare products are delivered on time, every time, to the highest standards.


Leaders in research, education and training

We are committed to achieving better patient outcomes through scientific research, product development, education and training by partnering with the world’s leading providers in this field.


Education is paramount for us. With more and more of the population using complementary medicines, it is imperative that all healthcare professional providers, including pharmacists, are well trained in the safe use of natural supplements. Our cutting-edge education programs traverse product safety and efficacy, scientific research and innovation, and many of these programs qualify for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits.


Balance Healthcare Limited invites you to share in our journey to provide natural health solutions that support healthier lives.


Jim Belcher

Managing Director

Balance Healthcare Limited