Nutrition Products



Supplement Your Practice - whilst helping people to lead a subtainable productive and healthy life!


Your patients deserve the best nutrition. Partner with Balance Healthcare to help your patients achieve optimal health and wellness through proper nutrition. Acupuncturists and herbalist are discovering that when they combine quality nutritional products with acupuncture and herbs they get better faster results. Now with your patients facing greater environmental and life stressors than ever before, providing nutritional support has never been more critical.


Its in our nature...

Reliability - is in our nature. We see ourselves as a partner in healthcare and activitly involved in integrated medical care concepts.

Innovation - is in our nature. We take peoples' needs seriously and research with passion to fulfil them.

Quality - is in our nature. We want to guarantee the best grade products that are as efficacious and well tolerated as possible and invest in complex production procedures to this end.

Responsibility - is in our nature. We protect our environment and respect nature and the communities in which we work.