Quality in Tableting "The MediHerb" Way

It’s a different way to make tablets – which is why we call it the MediHerb way. So what do we do that is different?

Firstly and perhaps most importantly, our unique cold percolation 1:2 liquid extracts are used in the manufacture of the MediHerb tablet range which means they are very potent. Many other herbal tablets/capsules are made from powdered dried herbs or poor quality dried extracts which means they are far less potent.

Secondly, our tablet production process has been the focus of extensive research and development to ensure that the finished tablet is as efficacious as the liquid extract, and that the full phytochemical profile has been retained.

From our research, we have found that the optimal method of herb processing involves the evaporation of the ethanol and water at low temperatures under vacuum. This important step minimises the exposure of the delicate chemicals in the herbal matrix to the damaging effects of heat and oxidation. The MediHerb tableting process takes this one step further to actually specify the optimal parameters employed during the evaporation and drying processes for each of the active constituents of the final tablet.

While the MediHerb cold percolation 1:2 liquid extracts are used for manufacturing our tablet range, there are on occasion some high quality extracts available from specialist extract manufacturers. In this case, we still apply the MediHerb stringent quality analysis at every step of the purchasing and manufacturing process to ensure our product is of superior quality. For example, there are many St John’s Wort extracts available for purchase but of varying quality, MediHerb would only consider purchasing an extract if it exceeded our quality standards.

As with the MediHerb liquid herbal extracts, our tablets are manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. Each batch of tablets is tested for disintegration, friability, weight uniformity, and where relevant, for active constituents. However, it is only by ongoing research and control of all stages of the manufacturing process from


that MediHerb has been able to produce superior tablet formulations, producing tablets with high active constituents that still comply to pharmaceutical standards.

MediHerb tablets must legally disintegrate in less than 30 minutes. This means that even patients with poor digestion can quickly and easily absorb our tablets for maximum efficacy.

MediHerb's Tableting Process Using Our Liquid Extracts

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